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Musica Jazz // Marzo 2012 [Italy, Italian] / Imparare il jazz / Autore: Francesco Martinelli // The ministerial decree which grants to Siena Jazz Foundation the possibility to issue triennial diploma degree, so that it becomes the first “Free Jazz University” in Italy, is the final act of a formal itinerary since a long time ago, but it’s also the aknowledgement of a 30-year experimentation in Jazz education. The important ministerial aknowledgement is just a stage, a crucial one, of a deep work which will be more and more demanding. [PDF Download]
Amadeus // Marzo 2012, [Italy, Italian] / Dottor Jazz / Autore: Franco Fayenz // The first “Free Jazz University” of Italy is born in Siena. The first “Free Jazz University” of Italy has been acknowledged. The acknowledgment has been granted by the Ministry of Education, University and Research; thanks to it the eminent institution from Siena, leader in jazz education, is able to issue the triennial Diploma Degree of Higher education as the Public Conservatoires and the European International Universities – Siena Jazz partners since many years – does since some time. [PDF Download]
Downbeat // Gennaio 2012 [USA, English] / An Italian Renaissance / Author(s): james Hale// The summer masterclasses of Siena Jazz— Italy’s only degree-granting jazz program— were in session. Housed spectacularly inside the Fortezza Medicea—a remnant of the region’s former Spanish rule—the two-week summer institute accommodates 120 students. Many are from Italy, but a large number comes from northern Europe, with the occasional pupil jour- neying all the way from North America. And all of them are eager to study with such musicians as Dave Douglas, Eric Harland, Miguel Zenón, Franco D’Andrea and Greg Osby. [PDF Download]
Il Sole 24 ore // Novembre 2011, [Italy, Italian] / La prima laurea in jazz / Autore: Paolo Fresu // Despite the difficult moment of Italy and Europe there’s the good news that in Siena the first “Free Jazz University” of Italy is born. This is an important acknowledgment not only for Siena Jazz, which since more than thirty years represents the top expression of Jazz education in Europe, but I dare say for all the music, and especially for all those expressions which are not very considered in Italy and which are still banished to elite languages roles. It’s a good signal, given that there is a difficulty to grant to all the contemporary cultures the same merit, which demolishes the old arrogance of the cultured hegemonies. [PDF Download]
Musica Jazz // Ottobre 2011, [Italy, Italian] / Verso la libera università del jazz / Autore: Enzo Boddi // Siena Jazz is finally on the way to be acknowledged, thanks to a ministerial decree, as a Free Jazz University: After a first verdict by the National Committee for the Evaluation of the University System, the imprimatur has been released by the National Council for the Higher Education [...] [PDF Download] 
The Jazz Yearbook // Gennaio 2011, [Italy, Italian] / Verso l’università  // Siena Jazz is determined in creating the “Free Jazz University of Siena”. In the past month of June the communication of a favorable reception, expressed in unanimity, has arrived from CONSVU (National Committee for the Evaluation of the University System), the University Department for the Higher Artistic, Musical and Coreutic Education and for the research of the MIUR (Ministry of Education, university and Research), in order to acknowledge Siena Jazz Foundation as a recognized Intittion to grant Higher Education Diplomas. [PDF Download] 
The Jazz Yearbook // Gennaio 2010, [Italy, Italian] / Tutto nacque da quel libro // Autore: Maurizio Favot // La Fondazione Siena jazz è un’istituzione culturale senza scopo di lucro, nata come Associazione il 9 settembre 1977, ricostituitasi in un’Associazione mista tra pubblico e privato il 20 novembre 1991 e trasformatasi infine il 18 novembre 2005 in Fondazione con il nome: Siena Jazz – Accademia Nazionale del Jazz. Siena jazz dalla sua nascita si è sempre impegnata per la valorizzazione, la diffusione e l’insegnamento della musica jazz e delle sue numerose derivazioni contemporanee di qualità. La trasformazione in Fondazione è avvenuta mantenendo lo stesso progetto artistico e gli stessi soci fondatori dell’Associazione, che sono quindi: Comune di Siena, Provincia di Siena, Associazione Jazzistica Senese. [PDF Download]
Jazz Education Journal // Vol. 38, Issue 6, June 2006, Page(s):41-44 [USA, English] / Siena Jazz School / Author(s): Ashley Kahn // Preview: [...] Fortezza Medicea, through the support of the town, is the site of the Siena Jazz Foundation, or “Fondazione Siena jazz”. The 28-year-old school began as a group of friends in a local garage, and today has grown into one of Europe’s leading jazz-focused institutions. It is a charter member of the Holland-based International Association of School of Jazz (IASJ), with a student body spilling out of the 25 classrooms situated around the Fortezza. [...] [Download PDF]
JazzIt – Jazz Magazine // Year 8, Nr. 34, May-June 2006, Page(s): 92-94 [Italy, Italian] / Un americano a Siena / Author(s): Michael Heller // Preview: As Stuart Nicholson reminded us in its “London Calling” column in the past number (Jazzit n. 33), it is a common idea, among the american reviewers and musicians – but not only, that the real Jazz can be made in the United States (or better, in New York) and nowhere else. Then, what does an american musician think when he is in contact with one of the most eminent italian jazz school, dealing with a didactic approach and a substantially different musical concept from those prevailing in the USA? [...] [PDF Download]