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SIENA JAZZ SUMMER WORKSHOP International Jazz Summer Workshop 24th july / 7th august 2015 – Information – How to enroll The 45th year of Summer Workshop is devoted to making music, to sharing experience, to exchanging personal musical languages and to harmonizing cultures from different countries. Students from all five continents have for years now gathered at the Siena Jazz Seminars and have discovered their affinities while getting to know each other, playing music together, sharing their passion and love for jazz.
SPECIAL MASTER CLASS WITH ENRICO RAVA Special Master class 1st / 3rd august 2015 – Information – How to Enroll Siena Jazz will dedicate the Masterclass of its 45th International Summer Seminars to a selection of young professional and semi-professional musicians who play the following instruments: trombone, saxophone, guitar, piano, double bass, drums.
SEMINARI SENESI DI SETTEMBRE “KIND OF BLUE” 2015 full-immersion Seminar 7th / 12th september, 2015   Informazioni sui Corsi It is a unique experience for sharpening ideas, for delving in depth into the creative aspects of jazz and for perfecting instrumental performance technique. It is a way to broaden knowledge of global music and refine improvisation styles and techniques, a way to use time so that no time is wasted.    
PERMANENT LABORATORIES FOR MUSICAL RESEARCH High professional qualification courses October 2015 / June 2016 – Information – How to enroll The permanent laboratory for musical research, born in 1996, has assembled, from then, about sixty musicians of different musical, cultural, and geographic extraction. The Laboratory is inspired by the demand to create an ideal trait d’union between the final phase of the musical studies, that usually coincides with the detachment from teachers, schools and academies, and the professional activity.
SUPERIOR COURSE FOR THE SIENA JAZZ DIPLOMA Musical Formation Courses October 2015 / June 2016 -Information – How to enroll The student that intends to undertake the program for attaining the Siena Jazz Diploma must successfully pass an interview establishing his competence in technique and theory and placing him in the appropriate level. The program developed at Siena Jazz generally lasts five years and never less than three. Each year an exam covering all the subjects in the program must be successfully passed.
PRE-ACADEMIC COURSES Musical Formation Courses October 2015 / June 2016 – Information – How to enroll These courses aim to give the necessary competences and skills to all the young musicians who want to learn an instrument and especially to prepare their access to the triennial course for the Higher Education Academic Diploma both for jazz music and popular music recently activated by the Italian Ministry for the University and Research. The pre-academic courses are preliminary courses and it is not necessary to have any musical preparation to enter the “Level A – beginners”, they are then open to all the children younger that 10 years old.
REGULAR MUSIC COURSE Musical Formation Courses October 2015 / June 2016 -Information – How to enroll This project intends to complete the level of didactical programs that the Siena Jazz has organized for over 20 years for young musicians. It is a series of introductory courses to jazz and to the contemporary musical styles deriving from jazz. The courses are also open to beginners who wish to initiate a correct approach to the instrument and who are interested in improvisation.
JUVENILE MUSICAL LABORATORY – PETER PAN ORCHESTRA Musical Formation Courses October 2015 / June 2016 -Information – How to enroll The Siena Jazz Foundation, has organized an innovative musical project for youths between 8 and 13 years old. The project is based on the formation of the “Peter Pan Orchestra” to be created during the “Juvenile Musical Laboratory”. The Peter Pan Orchestra is the first project in this city for the formation of an orchestra for young people and represents a wonderful didactic vehicle for approaching modern music.